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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I like that my friends trust me enough to come to me for advice and guidance. However, when it's two of your friends that are coming to you about the other one...that makes it really tough. I understand where both are coming from, and I agree with points they both make. But there is no way I can side with one over the other, and I think that may be where the problem lies. They each want me to say that she is right and the other is wrong. My sole advice is they need to talk to each other.....nicely. I pray that they can solve their problems and try to get back to being the friends they once were.

Bachelorette Party Update:
We are down two people now, making our total 6. The bride, the MOH, myself, 1 bridesmaid (the groom's sister), the groom's mom, and the groom's grandma. The bride's mom and one of her sister's aren't going now because of a family crisis. Family Crisis meaning the bride's great grandma is sick and all of the family members are flying in. Such a sad thing to experience during a time that is supposed to be joyous. I feel like this is a group of women from a family going on a vacation and the MOH and I are tagging along. I feel bad for Nikki (the bride) because as a bride (and I can speak from experience on this one), you want ALL of your friends there, especially your bridesmaids! I'm sure it will still be a good time, I mean you can't go wrong with wine, right?

Enjoy the People in your life:
So, Sunday I had gone to the buddy mass for my Dad's Cursillo. All of the men on the team are there and we have a mass to pray for the upcoming retreat and then each team member is called up and we pray over them. Afterwards, we have a dinner that the team supplies (or their wives haha). Yeserday, a patient of mine who is also to be on the Cursillo, informed me that one of the team members had a massive heart attack early Monday morning and passed away. This man was just at the budd mass on Sunday. I saw him! I prayed over him! We must cherish every moment of our lives, and cherish every person in our life. We must not hold anything back, because never know when God will call us home. Please pray for Bill Gillmore's family. His wife is to be the rectora of the next Women's Cursillo, so she will need even more prayers now then before.

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