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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My Birthday is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! My Mom asked me last night while we were at Zumba what was on my list......I hadn't really thought too much about it because I told my husband a few things that I wanted :)  SO, I thought I would make my birthday wish list!!  AND PS...I won't have THAT many candles on my birthday cake, this year!!

It seems like everyone has a crossbody bag...except me.  I'm usually a big purse kind of girl, but I would like a small crossbody bag to have with me when I'm out and about running errands.  The thing i love about Vera Bradley is she gives you SOOO many fabric options!!!  I would LOVE to go to a Vera Bradley outlet store at somepoint in my life, just haven't made it there yet.  So for now, I have to settle with Hallmark :)

My husband has tried to talk me into a nook or a kindle for about a year now, and I've always opposed the idea.  There is just something about HOLDING a book and being able to physically turn the page.  Well...I'm starting to give in!  He supposedly is going to be getting me one for my birthday.  BUT, I want to know-do you own one of these? Pro's?? Cons??

 Giftcard to Forever 21.  I REALLY like this store.  I don't have one in my town, and the majority of my purchases from Forever 21 have come from online.  I have gone into the store a small amount of times, but I really dislike the store.  I get really bad anxiety when I go in there because I am soo overwhelmed with the merchanidse!! It is litterally EVERYWHERE!! I feeel like there is no organization to it.  SO, give me a giftcard and I'll shop online :)

A girl can always use a giftcard to Ulta :)  Again, I don't have an Ulta in my town (I know....we are so deprived here in Q-TOWN!).  The closest one to me is about 1 1/2 hours away. 

 Black workout pants or tight capris!  I HATE wearing shorts to workout in!  ESPECIALLY since my workout is usually Zumba, I like the black pants because they are just like jazz pants and I just think as a dancer these are the best!  Please note, this is NOT me in the picture!! Even if I sucked in my stomach, it still wouln't be that flat and I would have some love handles as well!! LOL

This is the 3rd book (and last I believe) in a series that I started reading.  I bought the first book probably 2 years ago.  Then, when I was Christmas shopping at Border's this past season, they had the second book (hardback) for $6.  At that point, I hadn't even read the first, but couldn't pass up that deal.  SO, I just recently found out there was a 3rd book in the series, so I would really like to get my hands on it.  I ALSO heard it was being made into a movie staring Julia Roberts!  Now, if I am to get the kindle or nook...let's not waste our money buying Laura this book...we'll just purchase it for one of those devices :)  Has anyone else read this series??

A Water Bobble!!! I JUST learned about this!!!! I think it is sooo cool that you have a FILTER inside your water bottle!!! This PINK one is from GNC.  I think I would want the middle sized one...the 18.5 one.  You can also purchase replacement filters.  SOOO, you are stylish, drinking FILTERED water, and being eco-friendly :)  It's a win, win for all!!!
That's all I have on my list!!  I'm perfectly OK with not getting any presents on my birthday (I'm not going to turn them down though LOL).  I'm content with just doing to dinner with friends and family and calling it a night.  PLUS, my birthday is on a Sunday this year, and I start a clinical that very next day.  Anyways-what do you usually do for your birthday??


  1. Oooo making the birthday list is fun! I totally recommend a crossbody bag, they are really liberating.

  2. Love my crossbody bag from Vera! The Nook is great! Super easy to carry around, you could even download your txtbooks on there if you wanted... plus it fits in your vera bag ;)

  3. Laura... we need to have a talk. How have I NEVER known about Forever21?!?!?! I stumbled across it the other day and I was blown a way! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. I saw one of those water bottles at Old Navy today... I was totally going to grab a couple but someone was having a melt down and I was NOT about to stand in line with that!


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