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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

About Me

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Here's a little about me:

My name is Laura.  I grew up in Quincy, IL a town of about 40,000 about 1 1/2 straight west of Springfield.  I am married to Matt and we live in a small town just outside of Quincy (we like to call it a suburb!).  We have no children (YET) but we do have two cats, Princess and Wrigley, and a chocolate lab named Bow (like a Bow and Arrow).  

I am a BeautiControl consultant so you will see many posts in relation to that!  I work for an outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic in Quincy and am currently going back to school to be a Physical Therapist's Assistant.  I will be done in May 2012.  I also work at Bath and Body Works.

My blog is a potpourri of information!! Everything from Beauticontrol, to my life, to make-up and fashion!

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