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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello 2011!! You and I are going to have a great relationship this year! I hope you know, I'm expecting a lot out of you. You are going to let me start over on some things that I kinda messed up this year. You are going to help me achieve goals. You are going to motivate me to finish things. You are going to allow me to be the person God wants me to be. I've never really made this relationship with any other year before, so you should feel PRETTY lucky! BUT, because this is the first relationship I'm having.....I'm holding you responsible and accountable for how I turn out come December 31, 2011 when we evaluate how our relationship has been over the past 365 Days. But don't you worry, we will have frequent evaulationships to see how your end of the bargain is holding up! I've compiled a list of all the things I would like for you to help me out with this year! Don't isn't long, but it is going to require some work. Are you ready? I AM!!

1. Reunite me with DAVE RAMSEY

He is a genius. Matt and I failed his 7 baby steps plan last year, and are now starting over. We have completed step one and now on to step 2. I am really going to cut back on excessive spending. I HAVE to live like no one else, so later I can live like no one else! WE have to create a budget and stick to it! GOODBYE DEBT!!! My goal for 2011: Eliminate AT LEAST 3 things that are causing us to be in debt! Why just 3? Start small! We can't take on more than we can handle, look where that got us! We will do the snowball effect, and if we can takle more than three, we will!

2. Reunite me with the YMCA and WORKING OUT!

Since going back to school, I haven't really had the time to work out like I need to be. But, now, I'm correcting that statement. I haven't been MAKING the time to work out like I need to be. There is ALWAYS time in the day to fit in a workout. EVEN if it means parking at the far end of the parking lot of the grocery store just to get a walk in! I HAVE to make it a necessity in my life to work out AT LEAST 3 times a week. Yep, start small and then work to make it bigger! 3 times a week I have to get a workout in! Whether it be going to the Y to workout in the gym, to do Zumba, walking at home or at school, doing Zumba on the Wii at home, no if, ands, or BUTTS, about it. My goal for 2011: Lose 14 pounds! Why 14? I'm putting it out there: I weigh 146, take me down to 132, please!

3. Reunite me with MY HUSBAND!

Since going back to school, Matt and I really have not spent ANY time together! People ask me-when do you see your husband? I saw when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. They think I'm joking, but sadly I'm not. My weeknights are spent either up at school, because I have class the next day, or if I am at home, I am working at Bath and Body works trying to make extra cash, or at home STUDYING. Weekends are the same, either working or studying. I don't think it's hampered our marriage, but it definitely hasn't made it stronger. BUT, we all know-the deeper you get into school, the harder it gets. My goal for 2011: at least one night a month, we have a date night. Nope, we don't go out to eat, because Dave says you shouldn't see the inside of a restaurant unless you work in one. BUT, we will sit down and eat dinner together, watch a movie, play a game, or just TALK.

4. Reunite me with my GIRLFRIENDS!

Again, going back to school has taken time away from hanging out with my girlfriends! A girl needs time with her goals! This past year, two my my BEST FRIENDS and I went Christmas Shopping one WHOLE Saturday. It was the BEST time I have had in a long time! I need more GIRL TIME! My goal for 2011: At least one girl night a month! An INEXPENSIVE girl night! DiGiorno's Pizza, Wine, Rented Movies, Mario Kart on the Wii, BOOK CLUB!!!

5. Reunite me with JESUS!

There has been a common theme here-Since going back to school, I have neglected spending time with Jesus on the weekends. Oh don't worry-he hears from me a lot during the week and yes, even on the weekends. But I need to reconnect him for that 1 hour on Saturday or Sunday in HIS HOUSE! There are PLENTY of opportunities in Quincy for me to attend mass. I just have the excuse of my weekends are spent working and studying. But, I KNOW I can make that time to go visit him in HIS House! My goal for 2011: Attend Mass EVERY WEEKEND! Bonus goal: get Matt to attend with me!

All in all, I don't think those are bad goals! Let's recap:

1. Elimiate at least 3 things that are causing us to be in debt.

2. Loose 14 pounds

3. Date night at least once a month.

4. Girl night at least once a month.

5. Attend mass every weekend.

OK-it's in writting! And it's official!!!

COME ON IN 2011!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've got a lot of prayer requests and I figured, what better way to get people praying then to post a BLOG about it!!

1. My Daddy
He is having another surgery tomorrow on his vocal chords. My mom and him will leave Quincy about 8:30 tomorrow morning and head to St. Louis. This is the 2nd surgery he is having, and the first by this particular doctor. The doctor says he will keep dad in the OR and under the anesthesia until the whole lesion is removed. Please pray for him and my mom (she gets a little nervous about this things)

2. My BFF from Kindergarten, Mary Achelpohl-Tjeerdsma
Mary and her husband Adam, are awaiting their first child! Mary was due two days ago, but the Dr. says the baby ain't ready. Mary is being VERY patient! I want Baby T here!! SOoooOOOoo excited for them! And-I've said all along, that it's going to be a BOY!!! Hope I'm right!!

3. My friend Ashleigh
Ashleigh just recently found out she is pregnant for the first time, unexpectedly! Please keep her and her husband, Chris, in your prayers as they await this miracle from God.

4. ME!
I'm asking for prayers as school, work, social life continues to get harder and harder! Please help me prioritize and keep everything in order in my hectic life!

5. Matt
He asked for prayers to that he starts to feel better. I guess you can pray for him if you feel the urge to ;)

6. Matt and I
We are still finding ourselves in our new marriage, and with me going back to school, we need prayers more than ever. Our free time isn't usually spent together, and when it is spent together-it's usually us sleeping, or I'm studying. We know this is what we need to do to better our future, but it's just hard right now :(

7. Mini-TEC
December Mini-TEC is the 17th and 18th. I'm on the team for this one!! I'm really looking forward to it, as I usually do! I will be on the service team-and I'm really stoked for that! We've already gotten a handful of candidates in, so that's a good sign!! Please keep the team and candidates in your prayers as we prepare for the weekend!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nothing is impossible in life as the word impossible itself says ‘I’m possible

"Nothing is impossible in life as the word impossible itself says ‘I’m possible"

I came across this quote today and hit really hit me. I am for sure one of those people that has to stay busy. OBVIOUSLY!! Anyone who really knows me, knows I can't sit still! I can't even sit on the couch and just simply WATCH TV...I have to be on the computer, or texting, or studying, I can't just be.

Lately, I feel like I have TOO much on my plate though. Let me just recap what I'm involved with or what is going on in my life:

SCHOOL: I commute just a little over 2 hours to Ottumwa, Iowa for school. This term, I am only taking one class, which also has a lab, and I take it Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-11:30. The past two weeks, I leave early Monday evening, come back after class on Tuesday, leave early Wednesday evening, and come back after class on Thursday. I am sure this will change once winter really hits, and then I will stay there Tuesday-Thursday.

WORK: I work at First Choice Physical Therapy during the week when I am not at school. My evenings and weekends, when I am available I work at Bath and Body Works in the mall.

TEC: I am on the TEC board, which I haven't been able to attend since going back to school because 1st term, I had class Monday night. I coordinate the Mini-TEC program. We haev 3 Mini-TEC's each year. I am on the team for the December Mini-TEC so I'm wearing two hats at the moment! Being on the team, and make sure it all goes smoothly and all the paper work is in and whatnot!

IDTA: The Illinois Drill Team Association is who Illinois high school dance and flag teams can compete with. This is the organization I comepeted through while a member of the Quincy Notre Dame Pom Pon Squad and then as a coach. This year, I will be an apprentice judge! I just couldn't walk away from it all together! HAHA! I'm really looking forward to being on the judgining side of things. This will consume some of my Saturday's from January-March.


As you can see, I have left my social life blank, because I don't have one. Whenever I can, I try to make time for my husband and my friends. This past Thanksgiving weekend was the most time that Matt and I have spent together since our HONEYMOON! I have decided I really need to look at what I am involved with and make some changes.

I spread myself to thin sometimes and some people and some things don't get the attention they deserve from me. I feel I need to cut out my job at BBW, but that will have to wait until after school is completed, because we need the extra money. ESPECIALLY when I start doing clinicals and that will be my only source of income.

I love everything I do, and I give 110% to everything I do. But.....I'm tired :(
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