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What am I Currently Reading?

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Updated Skin Care

So, I had a post a few months ago about my skin care routine.  I have changed it up with the new BeautiControl BC SPA facial.  I started using this sooner than I wanted to.  

My skin has been SUPER oily the past few months, and I COULD NOT figure out WHY!  The ONLY new product I had been using on my face was a face primer and I stopped using it for a little over a week and that didn't do the trick.  

SO, I switched out my skincare line and also asked an esthetician to help me with my problem.  She is also a BeautiControl consultant!  She recommended using our microderm abrasion brush with the cleanser instead of using my hands.  I have actually been using it with my exfoliator and with the cleansing gel.  I then follow up with the toner and then sometimes I will use the moisturizer and sometimes I will use a tinted moisturizer.  At night, I only use my eye-make up remover and Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes.  I also give myself a microderm abrasion once a week because my skin is SUPER SENSITIVE.  I also use a face mask once a week as well.  I have one night a week that is my pampering night-bubble bath, book, glass of wine, lighted candle, face mask, microderm abrasion.  EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS :)  

SO, I have been doing this FULL routine with the NEW skin care for about 2 weeks now.  My skin is STILL oily, but on the days I use the tinted moisturizer it isn't as oily.  SO, I have been doing TONS of research on blogs and on YouTube to try and find what skin care works THE BEST for oily skin.  I decided to try a line called HERE to visit their website.  I ordered a cleanser and a moisturizer and then received a free sample of a scrub.  I HAVE NOT USED THESE PRODUCTS YET.  I will post a review and let you all know what I think of it!

Skin Care Products I am CURRENTLY using: 

This is the microderm brush that I use with the exfoliator and cleanser you will see below.  This comes with two brushes.  It has two settings, gentle and normal.  I use the gentle setting and it's even a little harsh for me, but it gets the job done!  I would hate to see what the normal setting feels like on my face, but again-I have sensitive skin.  It is available from BeautiControl for $9.50!!!!  This is seriously such a good price for just the brush!!!  Now, the BC Spa Resurface Microderm Abrasion for Face is $44.00.  With this product, a little goes a long way.  You do not need a lot, and like I said above, I only use this once a week.  If you purchase them both together it sells for $53.50, well....that's not a saving! LOL! Usually when you purchase the set, it's cheaper.  Ok then..... 

This is the BC Spa Facial Purifying Exfoliating Polish for $32.  This is my very first step to my skin care routine.  You apply this to a wet face.  I put a small dab on my chin, both cheeks, and forehead.  I then take the microderm brush on the gentle setting and work the polish all over my face.  I do this for about 15-30 will just "feel" when the time is right to be done.  After using the polish, rinse off with a wet wash cloth.  I have learned the less I can touch my face with my bare hands, the better!  In comparison to the scrub in my previous skin care line, I like this one BETTER!  I do not feel it is as HARSH and as abrasive as the other one.  Again, I have sensitive skin and that could be a reason!

 This is the cleansing gel and the second step to my skin care routine.  I apply this directly onto my microderm brush.  I set the brush to the gentle setting and work this all over my face.  I will even go under my chin and onto my neck just a little bit.  The past 2-3 times I have used this, the product has gotten in my right eye.  I don't understand what it is, but it's been my right eye each time...and let me tell you-NOT PLEASANT!  I really like this cleanser BETTER than the foaming cleanser I was using previously.  However, I did NOT use the foaming cleanser with the microderm brush, so that could be what makes the difference.  The BC Spa Facial Purifying Cleansing Gel retails for $24.00

 This is the BC Spa Facial Regenerating Tonic with AHA's for $24.00.  I will drench a cotton square in this and rub it all over my face and neck.  This helps get off any little bit of dirt and grim you might have left over on your face after cleaning it with the microderm brush.  The Tonic also feels really cool and refreshing on your face and helps to 'lift it' and tone things up a bit!  In comparison to the toner from my previous BeautiControl Skin Care, I do not see a difference between the two.

 The last step in my morning skin care routine is to use the BC Spa Facial Defend and Restore Moisture Lotion with SPF 20 $32.00.  This you just apply over your face.  You do not need a lot of product!!  I always like when a face moisturizer contains SPF and BONUS this one has an SPF of 20, most of the ones I have seen are a SPF of 15.  In comparison to the moisturizer in my previous skin care like, I like this one better.  I feel that it isn't as greasy and just feels more moisturizing.

This is the eye-make up remover that I am currently using.  I have been using the Mary Kay Eye Make up Remover for probably 6 years and I really like it!  I do have BeautiControl's lash and lid bath eye make up remover, I just haven't used it yet.  I KNOW, it's bad since I sell BeautiControl, but at least I am honest!! You can purchase this from a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for $15

This is the clay mask I use once a week. I purchased it at Wal-Mart and I don't recall the price, and I cannot find it on their website, but I want to say it wasn't any more than $3.  I LOVE the smell of it!!  It's avocado and oatmeal.  It goes on that classic grey/green color that we all think of when you think of a face mask!  You have to apply it pretty quick because it does harden up fast!  You leave it on until you feel it get really tight on your face and then just wash it off with warm water!!

 These are the Neutrogena Make-Up Remove Wipes I use at night.  I purchased mine at Ulta for around $7, but you can get them at any drugstore.  there are 25 in a pack and I purchased mine with a plastic container to keep them in.  I recently purchased the purple package which is the Night Calming style, but I haven not used them yet.  I use 1 sheet all over my face at night to remove my make up.  I will also use it on my lashes to remove any 'left over' mascara that my eye make-up remover failed to get. 

So that is it!!!  Remember to check out BeautiControl's Website to see all of the different skin care products offered!  Also, don't forget about my BeautiControl promotion going on through Labor Day.  Check out my previous Blog Post titled "BeautiControl Announcement" for all of the information!


  1. I cannot wait to hear your review on your new products! I am thinking that here some time soon I will be getting that brush with some other products. And the mask is awesome! I just love it...and it always makes my skin super soft after using it as well.

  2. I'm excited to use them too, but I just want to continue with this skin care line a little bit longer. I honestly didn't know how much that microderm abrasion brush was until I looked it up for this review. I COULDN'T BELIEVE!!! Why aren't more people ordering that?!?!? LOL


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