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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bucket List

I thought it would be a good idea to put down a list of things I want to do, feel, experience, see, and achieve before I go to see the Lord :)

I will continuously update this as I complete items and probably add new ones! Read mine, and think about what you want to do!! Create your own, put it out there on a blog and share it with me!

1. Pass my PTA boards on the first try.

2. See a taping of the Ellen Degenerous Show

3. Go to New York City

4. See a Broadway Show IN New York City

5. Have a child before I am 30.

6. Be DEBT FREE by age 33.

7. Travel back to Mexico.

8. Go to Europe.

9. Finish reading all of the books I currenlty own before I buy any more

10. Go back to coaching a high school dance team.

11. Be inducted into a Hall of Fame.

12. Go to California.

13. Go to Disneyworld/Disneyland

14. Donate a large amount of money to one of my alma matter's and/or a cause that I TRULY believe in.

15. Start a youtube vlog.

16. Take a MAJOR roadtrip with my best girl friends

17. Be a MILF (haha)

18. Own a yorkie

19. Give snorkeling another chance

20. RUN an entire 5k

21. Adopt animals from an animal shelter.

22. Wear a 2 piece swimsuit and not suck my stomach in

23. Learn to play golf.

24. Go snow skiing.

25. Ride in a hot air baloon.

26. Go on an Alaskan cruise.

27. Go to Hawaii

28. Make a scrapbook for each of my children ( I haven't even FINISHED the one of Matt and I DATING, let alone a current one!)

29. Read a book a month

30. Dance with Ellen Degenerous

31. Hold a koala bear

32. Be involved in my community

33. Milk a cow

34. Become a vegetarian

35. Own a condo in the Ozarks.

36. Have a complete weekend away with my Mom.

37. Have an article published in the American Physical Therapy Association's Physical Therapy Journal.

38. Make sure my children see their grandparents every weekend

39. Make a TEC with my husband.

40. Go to Times Square to see The Ball Drop on New Years Eve.

41. Graduate from Indian Hills with decoration around my neck :)

42. See the Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field.

43. Be in a show at the Quincy Community Theatre (as an adult!)

44. Be a stay at home mom

1 comment:

  1. Great list! Going to see Ellen is on my list to do as well. Good luck with completing your list.


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