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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Monday, August 2, 2010


Per the request of my many avid bog readers, I have decided to put up a new blog! Your welcome :)

It's been a few weeks since I have blogged, and we've got some updating to do!

1. My Dad had surgery last monday for luekoplasia which is basically an abnormal white spot on his vocal chords. The surgery went well and he isn't able to talk for 2 weeks, or have little talking for 2 weeks. We got the results back on friday and the doctor said there was some dysplasia noted which is just some abnormalities. He wants to see Dad again in a couple of weeks to re-evaluate him, so please continue to keep him in your prayers.

2. We played volleyball last Thursday at 10:00. *10:00* seriously?!!? on a THURSDAY!?! I'm getting to old for this! I was perfectly content at home on my couch watching So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother. BUT, we went and played volleyball and unfortunately lost our first two matches of this session so that was a MAJOR downer. THEN on the way home...I got pulled over :( He pulled us over because my driver side headlight was out and said he clocked me doing 62/55 and THEN he also said my rear registration light was out (WHICH IT ISN'T!!). Anyways, I just got a written warning, but I'm thinking he was hoping to get a DUI out of me which wasn't going to happen buddy, I WAS SOBER!

3. Come into work on Friday to find out my co-worker and good friend was in an awful motorcycle accident! When another co-worked told me about it, I straight up said I didn't believe her. SO, I hurried to get online to find the news article and was true. She unfortunately lost her right leg and has a pretty bad broken right shoulder. God wasn't ready to take her yet and we are truly grateful he is letting us keep her! She is a very strong woman and she will get through this, but it's going to be a tough journey. I went up to see her Friday afternoon while she was in the ICU. She's since been moved out of ICU to a private room. I went and saw her last night, but she slept the whole time. I plan on going to see her tonight. She was supposed to come out to my house and watch the season finale of the Bachelorette, so I'm going to go up there and hopefully we are able to watch it together.

4. IT'S MY HUBBY AND I'S BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love that our birthday's are so close together! Matt will be 26 tomorrow and I will be 27 on Saturday.....that's TOO close to 30!!! EEK!!!!!! We are going to Chicago for the weekend and I'M SUPER excited for the getaway! We are going to see a Cub's game on Saturday! WAHOO!!! Hopefully we will see a WIN...they are playing the Reds so..........anything's possible though at Wrigley!!

5. There is a Mini-TEC this weekend and we currently have 23 candidates! AND I have directors for all of the Mini-TEC's this year...whew!

WELL, I think that's all the updates I have!


Kelly Veihl

Dr. Kim

Ashley's Grandma

Becca's Mother-in-Law

Mini-TEC 56!!



  1. Yayyy for birthday week!! I loooove birthdays :)
    I'm also really happy you finally got a blog up! My fave was #2. We played volleyball last Thursday at 10:00. *10:00* seriously?!!? on a THURSDAY!?! haha i dig it.

  2. nice pun you used there, too......v-ball...dig it...get it? haha


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