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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Two of my very best friends don't live in the same town as me....not even the same area. I miss them dearly and hate that we don't have the convenience of driving across town or just down the road to see each other.

Mary lives in Grimes, Iowa a small town just outside of Des Moines. We have been best friends since Kindergarten! She is currently pregnant WAHOO!!!!!!!1 We just played phone tag for like 3 weeks trying to get in touch with one another! We would leave each other voicemails with our schedules so we could try to catch one another. I miss that she isn't just down the road. I want to run to see her and her belly growing with that precious life growing inside of it!

Ashleigh lives in Edwardsville, Illinois just outside of St. Louis, MO. I miss this girl like crazy. We went to high school together and were on pom together and have done TEC together and all that jazz. However, we didn't become good friends until we were both coaches of the QND Pom Pon Squad a few years ago. This girl is my ideal woman! She is SOOO strong in her faith, her love of Jesus, her love of her family, and her love for her husband. I hate that we don't live by each other anymore. I want her to come over to watch So You Think You Can Dance or go to Gem City for Chicken Nachos and Margaritas. She is such a GOOD friend and I miss her.

Then I have my friends in the town of Quincy. I don't even get to see them that much either because we are all SOOOO busy! I feel like I have such a great group of friends, but we never get to see each other! With me going back to school for the next 2 years, it's going to be even worse!!!

It's a good thing I like my co-workers at First Choice and Bath and Body since I'm around them ALL THE TIME!! They are my friends, too. It is true, people. You can be friends with the people you work would just be nice to spend more time with them outside of work, but that isn't possible when you are always working!!

Prayer List

Mini-TEC 56

Friends far away (Ashleigh, Mary, Joni)

Friends close by (Mandy, Nikki, Keeli, Ashley Z, Dawn, Cassie, Kara, Michelle, Jayson, Rasche, etc)

First Choice Friends (Brooklyn, Ashley, Becca, Kelly, Brian, even Mike and the rest of the gang HAHA)

BBW Crew (ALL OF YOU!!!!)

Matt and I for a safe travel to Chicago this weekend

The Cubs (please get a WIN on Saturday!)




  1. Aww I love this! It makes me sad that your closest friends are so far away. I know us work people aren't your most fave since you have to see us at work lol. I must say though that I am going to miss you greatly when school starts and that only means that we are going to have to have girl nights. Watch our fave shows together or go get peach margaritas. And I'm dead serious...If I never see you when school starts you are going to have one unhappy Brooklyn on your hands. And ask my boyfriend...when Brooklyn isnt happy, no one is happy lol...miss your face today :)


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