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What am I Currently Reading?

What am I Currently Reading?

Safe Haven

By: Nicholas Sparks

Friday, July 15, 2011

MakeupMonologue's Give Away

I LOVE finding new blogs!! And with the community here in the blogworld, there is always a new blog just right around the corner!!  I stumbled across MakeupMonologue's blog thanks to another blog that I follow regularly.  She is doing an AWESOME giveaway for her followers because she has gained so many!!!  SHE HAS ALMOST 700............I HAVE 17!! COME ON NOW!! LOL  Check out her blog...she's got some really good tips/tricks/advice!!

What is she giving away:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette!!!!!!!!
Hello?!?! You all know how awesome of a prize that would be!!!!

The second prize is:

e.l.f. candid coral blush and e.l.f. lip balm in nice and neutral
I have just recently become a fan of the e.l.f. line so I would be stoked to win this!!!

1 comment:

  1. hey Laura!! I saw that u entered my giveaway :) good luck! as far as sending u followers, here's my idea:

    u can send me questions for my handwritten segments and I will of course put ur name as the person who asks. free & easy way to be featured on my blog. not to mention u get to know more about me lol :)


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